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Some of the services offered by PIONEER AGENCIES:


Cleaning of sewage pits was initially done by the help of scaventures. Since lots of people have lost their life due to manual scavenging, it has been banned.

To resolve this problem we had introduced the Hi-Tech Vacuum Machine and Pioneer has been the first private firm to introduce this machinery. We were the first private organization to be authorized by the BWSSB & KSPCB, to lift sewage water for residential complexes, Apartments and Industries.

The machinery works by vacuum created inside the suction tank through the help of suction pump which allows the suction hose to suck semi solid soil (Sludge), sand, water, gravels and stones.

This operation can be used at, under construction projects to remove sewage waste from the labor colony (Sewage Pit’s). It also can be used to suck slurry (Sludge) from the on going construction sites at the time of Piling. This unique machine can also be used in de-silting the sludge from drain lines at the time of cleaning the drain lines. Bearing a capacity of 3kl suction tank this mode of operation saves time and makes the work done more efficiently.


Sewage treatment plants are very essential in this era as there is scarcity in the water supply and the government is facing a challenge in supplying water for Residents, Hotels, Industries and Tech parks. In this situation STP’s plays a very important role as the waste water can be collected, treated and be Re-used for flushing and gardening purposes.

Pioneer Agencies has been part of this drive by taking up the maintenance of the Sewage treatment plant and has helped them to recycle the waste water to use it for the above said purposes

 To name some of the STP’s maintained by Pioneer are: IBC Knowledge Park, Mantri Sarovar and Diamond District.  

Pioneer Agencies has been supplying well skilled technician to maintain the STP


  • Pioneer Agencies introduce the Hi-Pressure Suction cum Jetting Machine. This machine is equipped with the Hi-Pressure Suction and Jetting Pumps.
  • This kind of suction machines are very useful in cleaning of effluent tanks in the huge industrial set ups. The Solid effluent can be easily cleaned by using this Hi-Pressure Suction Machine  
  • The Hi-Pressure Sewer jetting machine is used by Pioneer Agencies for carrying out effective sewer cleaning like de choking of sewer pipe lines. Available in different capacities, these machines consume low power during operation and are easy to operate.
  • Besides, these sewer jetting machines require low maintenance and assist us in the cleaning process at the clients place. Due to the usage of this machine, we can assure reliable and cost effective sewer cleaning services to clients. By applying the pressure of water through the jetting hose it enables the hose to move forward and clear the choked drain lines at Project sites. The operational system is fully hydraulic.


We offer round the clock services towards maintenance and repair work of existing motors and sumps at your facility. The service provided will ensure perennial supply of water without and hinder ness.